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CertPREP Practice Test for Unity Certified User License – Full Suite

This product includes a full suite CertPREP powered by GMetrix Practice Test license for the Unity Certified User (UCU) programs:

  • Programmer
  • VR Developer
  • Artist



product description

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CertPREP practice tests for the Unity Certified User certification are designed to replicate the certification exam experience so Test Candidates can better prepare themselves for the actual exam. The CertPREP practice tests use the same exam format as the Certiport certification exam and are mapped to the Unity certification objectives so the Test Candidate is assured that they are practicing the skills that will help them pass the certification exam. Practice tests are offered in two modes: Testing Mode:
  • Test Candidates experience what the certification exams will be like
  • Timed practice test that performs just like the actual certification exam
Training Mode:
  • Test Candidates work at their own pace as they receive feedback
  • They may opt to access step-by-step instructions or help for each question
This CertPREP full suite license allows you to take up to 30 practice tests for one of the available Unity titles during a one year period. When the license holder activates this license, you will be able to choose any CertPREP title for Unity. Once you have chosen a title, the license will then be locked down to allow you to access only the chosen title. After the practice test license is purchased, you will receive an email containing the product code and instructions on how access the practice tests. Technical Requirements: Complete technical requirements are listed here.

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